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Recycled Surfwear began in 2017 in Margaret River, South West WA. We had a love for op shopping & searching for vintage clothing, in particular surf wear, and very quickly our wardrobes began to overflow. At the time, very few Instagram stores existed, and none were specialising in vintage surf wear.

This is how Recycled Surfwear came to exist, not in search of a quick buck but wanting to share our genuine love and passion for the clothing. Not only do we sell to you, but we possess possibly the largest collection of vintage surf wear in Australia. Ever since our inception, Recycled Surfwear has been bringing you the finest vintage surf wear available, & although there are now hundreds of pages selling vintage clothing, we truly are The Original Surfwear Supplier.

Cheers, Tom & Grace.


There’s a long history of surf wear in our families, Tom’s Mum & Uncle have worked in the surf retail industry since the 80’s, and still do – check out Wear2 Fremantle, Tom’s Uncle Jay’s shop. Scroll down to see pics of them from the 90’s wearing vintage surf gear.  Surf wear runs deep in our family, and we have a great knowledge and appreciation of not only the clothing but the culture behind it.

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85% of clothing purchased globally ends up in landfill and at Recycled Surfwear, we are strongly against fast fashion & support sustainability.

When you purchase a piece of recycled clothing from us, not only are you promoting sustainability but also receiving unmatched quality. Some of our items are up to 40 years old and the quality & care that has gone into producing them means they will last for another 40. You’re not buying a shirt that will last you the year, you’re buying something that will last you a lifetime.

When you make a purchase with us, you're not only supporting a sustainable small business, but your item has been handpicked with over 30 years of surf wear knowledge behind it.